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NEW HERO OZO GAMEPLAY! | Vainglory – OZO First Look

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  1. how much will it cost?

  2. *keep…

  3. what is that 10 on the weapon infusion at 6 mins ish

  4. that new hero look nicee very niceee! his blade is a bit weird but cool at same time. isso the good work, doing this nice vídeos Ben!

  5. Does this mean fountain is stronger on him? That might be op.

  6. I want one XD

  7. When is the update

  8. All new heroes so far are 8000 glory. I hope he is 6000

  9. Why're you so lucky?

  10. Loving the map!

  11. This is definetely cp

  12. That bitch walks like a fucking turkey

  13. His animations are cool, even the map looks dope

  14. What is the count over weapon infusion @ 6:25

  15. I dont like this character. His skills are pretty weird. I just like his second ability. It could work a lot in team figths or chasing situations.

  16. fuck yeah Ben! Was waiting for this video lol excuse my language but fantastic video ??

  17. Today we look at Ozo the new hero coming in 1.14 in Vainglory's next update! what are your thoughts on him!

  18. giant chakram as a weapon? interesting

  19. Awesome, But i agree with ben. I think he would do bad against krul or like a blackfeather. And honestly i think skaarf would be able to beat him with the burtiness of the fireball. So basically any hero that would be bursty or kracken/ takers(krul) can defeat him. I dont really know tho

  20. What is up with the video quality?? 144p??

  21. 144..

  22. can't see anything

  23. Oh my fuck man.
    I just wanna spam his A for daaaays!
    looks so fun!

  24. The quality tho…but still.. great gameplay

  25. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  26. 360…..

  27. Thumbs up if you're getting Ozo!

  28. Woah never been this early o.O but awesome vid Ben!

  29. cool