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NEW HERO REIM GAMEPLAY! | Vainglory – Reim First Look

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  1. so much fucking CP on Reim's ult

  2. what can i do to get to the beta…..

  3. Noooo but I wanted them to add corpos the goat but they didn't add him I really like the dark power using heroes like Krul and adagio also they're badass and have a strong survivability but they're the only two dark heroes in the game they were planing to add corpos but they didn't -_-

  4. Not going to lie I giggled a bit when you said 'you'll be rooting a lot of people' at 5:00

  5. Next
    Time just stfu and use his abilities. You talked to much.

  6. can reim's last skill one hit?

  7. How

  8. I wish he isn't stronger than krul

  9. When's the update

  10. What happens if reim roots taka the taka ults….. does taka move with the ult?

  11. i will so main him ^-^

  12. for the first time i will be able to buy a hero with ice yay

  13. reim is german and means rhyme?

  14. what is cc….and cs

  15. i think a reim phinn celeste comp is good , cause reim roots phinn drags and stuns and celeste with her ult just wreck them all

  16. Frost burn, broken myth, and a clockwork is probably gonna be his meta build

  17. New hero?

  18. I personally pronounce it "Rey-m". :>

  19. Wow what a nice way to spoil a new hero

  20. Another great video Ben love it

  21. You said his autos deal CP dmg. Is AC needed for him?

  22. Honestly I don't see him being in the cp carry meta. Imo his abilities are way too hard to land unless you have a good support

  23. Well time to save up

  24. this guy is op. i mean seriously. 125% crystal damage per basic attack is just MASSIVE. just build alot of cp power and u will get more health, more damage. and slows enemies? op ofc.

  25. Want to see match.

  26. Can glaive afterburn out the root?