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**NEW** Level 8 Giant and Level 14 Archer Tower | Clash of Clans

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  1. The Giant in the Thumbnail is Dabing.

  2. Nice work Jo!

  3. Hola, Amigos soy Español y probablemente casi ninguno me entienda quiero decirles que deben crear mas tropas y bajar un poco la dificultad de obtener Elixir Oscuro

  4. I liked it for the opening

  5. those huge amount of builders

  6. why you have builder hat 1?

  7. hack ??!!!! wtf are you doing

  8. Im a new subscriber! Dont forget to chaeck out my channel

  9. plzz give me your acc on my face book

  10. great Jo, keep up the good work!

  11. his voice sounds like galadon

  12. Jo, I really like your channel, mainly because you got right to the point without the condescending fluff. PLEASE don't turn into the other youtubers with the corny "Hey guys, it's __…… As always – take care." You flat out stole that line from Ash (but added the "you") and I always hated when Ash said that – what does that even mean?? He says goodbye always?? Go back to the old Jo. Oh, and keep promoting Goblin Knife, we need to spread the word, best farming strategy ever.

  13. boorao

  14. eight

  15. update is out now its 3:03 in the morning

  16. The update is here!!!

  17. very great new update

  18. eeee

  19. He stole video from wicked gamming fight ?

  20. Cool

  21. You do great videos but you have to work on your outro buddy.. I don't want to be rude but its kinda creepy the way you say "You take care". And one request can you do a video series on building your own base? Because i think most people just copy internet bases with no thought on building their own base that includes me too. So please let me know. Cheers!!

  22. Wow, you beat Ash & Powerbang to showcase some new content for the game. I am a new sub, and really enjoying the content thus far. Keep up the good work.

  23. that is nice

  24. boring coc boring?

  25. hmmm gob knife with level 8 giants in cc sounds legit

  26. with the new giant upgrade it should be most effective with donations with the plus 1 clans that are lvl 5 plus

  27. first comment lol,nice vid