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New Lvl 7 WIZARD, lvl 6 DRAGON, lvl 5 BABY DRAGON + Defense Levels | New Update | Clash of Clans

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  1. update#

  2. I'm 499th like… #troophike nice video.. hit subscribe too

  3. those actually look like something that would come out in coc wow

  4. but new update notifiction is not coming to my th 11 village why?

  5. this is real idont know

  6. just wanna know will lvl6 wizard update surely be available for th9 ???

  7. This awesomeness sneak peek every

  8. #updatehype!

  9. when this updates coming ?

  10. wicked.. i want to join ur clan..but ur claners rejected my req many times..?…

  11. will it come to october 11?

  12. #updatehype

  13. Awesome stuff can't wait #updatehype

  14. Nice Video Keep it Up bro :)

  15. Thanks for the video

  16. Thumbnail is nicely put together too WG!

  17. Awesome video…

  18. wicked gaming how do I get developer built coc I am a YouTuber and I wanna post a video too

  19. when we get the updates??

  20. ThX for Showing us wicked what it's gonna Be like, I was waiting for this video only!!…??

  21. #updatehype!!

  22. #updatehype This update is gonna be so huge!!! And btw I joined your channel at Town Hall 7 and now I'm about to go to Town Hall 9. I'm wasting my data for this video!!!