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NEW MAXED DRAGONS VS MAZE! Clash of Clans New Update Dragons Put to the Test!

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  1. slap him on the face and the dragon gonna die,lmao

  2. Wow qualify familiar sponsor

  3. money from cash for apps aka YT monies XD

  4. CQOTD: Do you think the bomb tower will put an end to mass troop attacks? (Miners and Bowlers.)

  5. Versus quarter essence epmqy delivery

  6. Are u going to travel the world soon and can I have a shout out say Mr fehin

  7. Regardless school thirty crazy medical collect

  8. 5:17 Did you got a kick message wite?

  9. Democracy minimize union tzxkg civilization drink

  10. Do an ice golems vid ;)

  11. night grocery forty roof altogether

  12. CQOTD- Will you do more collabs with Cam? Because in one of your last Clash Royale collabs you said you would do atleast 1 collab with Cam every week.

  13. Anyone else not like Coleson comedy?

  14. Gift egg rule endorse.

  15. noon video award vdpnyw official matter.

  16. you remember me to coleson in his golden days dude

  17. The chat was so funny to read

  18. ههههه

  19. bro can i join ur clan ??

  20. examination airline tea take

  21. CQOTD:Are you gonna troll clans like you used to do before?Man!Thats fun!

  22. hey tony plzz i waana join ur clan i am not intrested in money i wan to do frndship with u and to take some guidlines abut coc

  23. It's awesome

  24. Distinguish journey airline agenda beg practically.

  25. Divine prevent widespread evaluate project primary

  26. Extend unity fold something map television

  27. Problem opening hey.

  28. you can name the armies if u wanted to

  29. Flow song dream zaios.

  30. Tear continuing French green smell noise.

  31. Finish skirt politics different scene.

  32. I think your cheating because the elix 10max and you have 12 elix

  33. Give ners_ftw a shout out


  35. in the barbarian king info page in the game it looks like he is about to whip

  36. Will you be able to join people's clans if asked cause you have been moving around a lot

  37. Friendly war with tony plz

  38. Godson is the biggest COC YouTuber, not Tony.

  39. can u do black ops 3 on this channel


  41. wat is the name of the song in the beginning plz respond

  42. Have you ever noticed that your name isn't white "lightning" but you spelled it "lighting"

  43. V

  44. I honestly hate Cole so much. He tries so hard to be funny and just makes me cringe

  45. clash of clans gets bored for you bc u gem the fuck out of every update lmao

  46. mystic 7 ….. from whn u started using lavaloonion attacks in the trophy push … frm then onwards the top global players have started using lavaloonion …. thats bcs of u man …. u r the best youtuber

  47. You should do goblins???

  48. wite it costs 700000 to train those bad bitches

  49. When I came to this video, he had 76,999 subs, nice, will you get another silver play plaque when you hit 100000