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  1. wait wait i nlticed something. see at 1:11 all his spells are lvl 1??

  2. Dude, Clash royale is bringing back COC, but later clash royale is abandoned just like coc when we play clash royale

  3. If you pause the video at 59 seconds of the video look at the cannons

  4. Level 14 or a new look

  5. In the update there is also level 14 or 13 cannons I can't remeber

  6. i predict theyll make a new barracks amd have the legendary cards from royale in

  7. omg 1 million subs woohoooo

  8. his lips in the intro looked like he ate 2 bags of red hot cheetos

  9. Yassssss u rock and make sure you keep up the vids

  10. Nick ur. Lips

  11. do a draw my life

  12. He deserves way more than 1m subs

  13. been subbed since 25k your the only youtuber i watch now?

  14. What town hall they unlocked

  15. subscribe to my channel plz

  16. Aspiring YouTuber here looking for some more subscribers. I have well edited videos, and I post regularly. I do Blogs, pranks, challenges, Segway videos, and loads more! Check me out! ???

  17. #Nickatadvertisingkoreancandies …!!!

  18. Godd job nick your at 1 mil!

  19. YES my prediction was correct!!!

  20. Nick you should diy your hair blue cause I seen many famous you tubers who have diyed their hair

  21. I think sparky will come a new troops.

  22. #Doraemon #도라에몽 #NickAtSeoul

  23. add sparky

  24. supercell don't copy clash Royale

  25. Don't play this

  26. i think they updated the look of the debris when you destroy buildings, idk why i noticed that.

  27. That's a fuckin Japanese snack

  28. Congrats on 1 mil.