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NEW Super Queen Charge Attack Strategy | Post update TH9, TH10 & TH11 Dark Elixir Farming (Part 2)

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  1. Andre your videos are absloute gold! I subbed after the first video I saw a couple of weeks ago. Keep this work up, imo you're better than most "big" clashers on youtube. And by the way, I've got ~2400 trophies, if I push it to 2600+ could I possible become a member of #doyouevenclash?

  2. This channel is going places

  3. nice video buddy

  4. +Andre can you do a th6 attack strategy I am th7 but I still have th6 troops

  5. Heeey! I've watched a lot of your content in my other account and got me so jelly about it because it looks so fun in doing clash vids. So i started my own channel and can you help me some tips on how to grow my channel? BTW Thank you so much for all this great content and it helped me a lot

  6. Pepperoni jalapeno pizza? >.< Awesome attacks dude.

  7. Nice strategy man! :)

  8. Wtf a pizza? Hahaha!

  9. Eyy, Queen Charge not new

  10. Could you show us the troop configuration in the army overview for maximum efficiency? I'm always tweakin things so that the time is the same for each barracks. Thanks and nice attack strat

  11. Did someone say pizza? ;D