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NEW TH7 Trophy Base in Clash of Clans! (CoC Town Hall 7 Hybrid Defense)

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  1. good

  2. Just wanted to say that you deserve more subs then you have! Great vids man and great bases, keep up the good work Barcode!

  3. Intro?

  4. Please choose me

  5. layout push

  6. I want to enter ;)

  7. استمر

  8. For these ones add replays pls

  9. Good base

  10. nice base bro

  11. Keep this comment at a odd number of likes

  12. Using it for my th7 nice base

  13. Barcode great base i sub and liked and commented just wanted to know where is the link in.description

  14. Very good base…..if you want dark protection then switch it with CC

  15. Please come down design possible Town Hall 8 of the war against hog Rider and dragons

  16. Nice Muito Bom.

  17. How to win
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  18. I really liked the base too, too bad im th8

  19. hey man upload th8 best non loot base.. thnx

  20. I like your channel, maybe we could exchange subs? keep up the great work

  21. hi plz build a no loot th8 base…

  22. Cool!!

  23. Good base

  24. Make and th8 hybrid farming base please

  25. Nice Video

  26. can you a de base billding

  27. Nice bro always u r the best

  28. Is this base good?

  29. my clan ist too lvl 10

  30. i'm from german

  31. thx for this base

  32. 本当いい配置だなー