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NEW TH7 War Base with 3 AIR DEFENCES New Update – Clash of Clans CoC

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  1. Hi! (Sorry for my bad enlish)

  2. Theres problem why the mortar are 4 instead of 3

  3. Also we don't have Dark Spells at th7 :(

  4. Man, i used the layout and i just got 1 stared from a town hall 8. The layout is incredible :D

  5. alright…thank u anyway…I will try this base…I am now in prep for war…

  6. Hey guys! Some of you mentioned there is an extra mortar placed and missing tesla. So sorry about that! 🙁 To fix this problem, ignore the bottom left mortar (the one next to the dark elixir storage) and replace that with a builder hut + the missing tesla. Sorry for any confusion again, I made a mistake while recording. Thumbs me +1 up so everyone can see! Thanks for Watching! :)

  7. there isnt 4 mortas at TH7 ya derp

  8. 1 Tesla?? 4 mortars??

  9. +DeLegend how come there's 4 mortar th 7 only
    has 3

  10. th 7 only has three mortars lol

  11. hmmm…1 excess mortal? is this really for th7 war base?

  12. There is four mortars

  13. but th7 have 3 mortar not 4 and have 2 taesla :/

  14. Th 7 only has 3 mortars :D

  15. thanks delegend, you helped me so much !

  16. tesla 1

  17. Hey man, just want to say that th 7 dont have dark spell factory. I will use the layout and see how it goes

  18. buen video gracias me funciono! Sigue Asi! Eres unosqe mis yt favoritos!

  19. Amazing base man, gotta say, supercell waited too long to bring this update. Anyway, keep up the good work ???

  20. First