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NEW TH8 Update! “SAVE LOOT!” Clash of Clans TH8 Dark Elixir ANTI-3 STAR Farming Base!

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  1. Hey barcode could u do a th8 trophy base because I've been looking at all different kinds of clash you tubers and I can't find a single trophy base

  2. dat song tho. whats the name?

  3. its esey to get the town hall but it is a good base

  4. I'm loving your videos

  5. if u didnt notice wheres the the 3rd elixer storage?

  6. bad double giant bomb spot

  7. Doesn't save loot for shit

  8. nice Job. ????????? very good

  9. Great base! Gonna use it

  10. ??????

  11. Nice Job! Keep It Up Man! :)

  12. first