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NEW TH9 3 STAR FULL MAX TH9. Queen POP LaLoon. Best War Attack PERIOD. Clash of Clans

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  1. Anyone else reminded of swoozie when he said she gone

  2. Know what I'd really like? For you to show us some fails using this attack with an explanation of why it happened. That is just as useful as watching a 3 star attack

  3. Your descriptions are really helping me understand the science behind this attack

  4. awesome one cast n blast… 😀 :D

  5. cast i have found out a another best overkill and overpowered way to 3star a th9 with queen pop laloon i really wanna share with u

  6. Quality

  7. Where's that guy that saw me at onhive gazette and said he saw me at queenpop too?

  8. thanks Cast awesome tutorial

  9. that an awesome attack… the AQ is far away from an AD but still nailed it… hope you post attacks like this were the AQ is far from the AD

  10. i really like cast the way u execute your attck very nice . thumbs up.. 

  11. #dontnerfhealer

  12. What r u guys doin up so late ?

  13. Keep the poppin vids comin !! Luv em

  14. can u plz make a video on goho not govaho. I'm more comfortable with it. Nice vid btw. I'll start using queen pop as soon as my balloons go lvl 6. Plz reply.

  15. Awesome one bro! Can you tell me..are healers worth using? after this Healer Nerf update :'(

  16. best th9 attacks ??

  17. Would you still have hit this if if you had to spend the heroes to kill the cc and not have them later for tanking and cleaning?

  18. great again. only unique n challenging attack I see in th 9 bases at recent times. so bored with healer stuff.. btw I 3 stared a max th 9 with l22 Aq in last war with this attack. has become my favorite th9 attack now..thanks to u bro for creating n showing how its done.keep up the good work as always

  19. another great vid with cool plan ;)

  20. I'm still using this strategy when I have to go against a TH9 base and I went up to TH10. Just gotta really be patient cause I bring 3 lvl 3 hounds and a lvl 4 in the cc. Those extra loons and extra spell crushes it every time since I learned how to be patient. Another great video man

  21. Finally another video

  22. awesome but can u please post a govaho for a completely max out base plz