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NEW TH9 Bowler Walk + Valks! Queen Walk. War Attack. Update Clash of Clans

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  1. Thanks man. Love this attack. Not used much and I think under appreciated. We had a guy do this with a lvl 7 queen wtf! Not in war mind you, but it still 3'd a max def th9. I'd suggest queen pop really for such a low queen, but shows that with the right base even low heroes can work.

  2. 99% 3 star lol

  3. you the best at queen pop

  4. It's called Blu3vealer, idk why but if you search it you will see the other videos for it..

  5. 5:10 99% 3 stars ?

  6. Use this for TH10s all the time. Except I use 16 bowlers instead of valks to tear up the middle. And 6 healers instead of 7. 3 on the queen and 3 on the cc maxed bowlers.

  7. bro make some pekka walk video

  8. keep doing what your doing. I love the use of valks to fight the base design meta to combat bowlers.

  9. Heck yeah! This attack looks sick, definitely gonna share this attack with my clan mates. We love the bowlers and valks in war so this could definitely give us a cool new attack to test out. One thing i might ask cast is if you could show us some replays on anti 3s with this attack if you have any to share. Definitely wanna give this a go!

  10. enjoyed the video man

  11. I have a video on this too! This strategy is perfect for the ring bases these days ?

  12. Only reason I've not subscribed to this channel is I don't like theories and drawings. Just let me see attacks. Clash with Ash used to do this before but once he realized that this is not increasing his subscribers, he chose not to add any theory and started sharing just replays

  13. Nice man

  14. 2nd

  15. First, first ever