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NEW TH9 LALOON ATTACK. Queen POP. 3 Star any Max TH9. Fully Max Meta Base! Update Clash of Clans War

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  1. like and sub . i love your videos and you are amazing! thanks for the lavapop tutorial

  2. U are killing bases man good work

  3. Hey! You show us such strong attack strategies, thank you so much for that! But what about war base layouts? I'm searchin for strong one, but each has weaknesses as I can tell. Do you suggest me a strong war base? Thank you so much again!

  4. Do you upload only this queen pop shit your last vids are only this

  5. easy when lava in cc, bit more complicated but possible when other troops in cc

  6. Awesome attack!

  7. insane. FYI, wicked gaming is posting similar attacks limited to lie or mid th9. you should educate them… where is the ultimate tutorial?

  8. You are very smart! I would love to learn from you since I love air raids at th 9

  9. awesome videos bro..keep up the great work..remember me?? "kamcord prashant007"

  10. Poor resolution until about the 4:30 mark. What gives? Love seeing the queen pops, especially when they r against the big boys!

  11. remember me cast?the guy whi said queen pop only works for low th 9..well double hands down cast u earned my ur attack.. tried it once and got 94% on a max 9 base with lvl 23 queen..gotta practice more..really op..sorry for my earlier comment didnt know it was this great subscriber..

  12. i love your attack ! awesome

  13. what about yhe clan castle troops ?

  14. keep up the good work Cast, always watching your new queen pop laloons video, and learning a lot :)

  15. Cast, i've been following you for a few weeks, i don't know how i reach to your channel, but im happy cos you are an amazing strategist. I hit th9 about 3 weeks ago or so, and im rushing to upgrade my laloon attack soon and practice this particular kind of attack, im anxious for that :P.
    keep uploading vids, you'r good man,
    greetings from Argentina

    pd: in my opinion would be nice for us and beneficial for you (in terms of subscribers) if you make some vids of coc basic stuff: a way of farming for example (what kind of troops and how to)

  16. Honestly i'm using this strategy in every war and it never disappoint me. always getting 3's if you wanna check out our war go visit us in #P2Q8P9L8

  17. Cast I love your videos and streams!!

  18. I thought he was gonna say "yes! We did queen pop this bitch!"

  19. Is there a guide anywhere for this strategy? Really wanna try it but I don't know what to look out for with it…

  20. Nice vid

  21. meta base that's kind of base ?

  22. Isn't that just a penta attack using only 4 hounds? What exactly makes it a queen "pop"? Nice attack there. Reminds me of old Gadihh attacks

  23. Nice video mate. You are a master on Queen Pop

  24. Awesome attack! Level 4 hound makes a big difference, making the attack even more OP! I have moved on to th10, but my clan mates are still doing queen pop. Wish I could queen pop th10s :P

  25. New subscriber… gotta say this strategy has won me more stars than any other I've used in the past.. keep up the good work ?

  26. Even better than I remember wooooo