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NEW Th9 Strategy December 2015 – 4 Lightning + 2 Earthquake Spells – Zap Quake – Clash Of Clans

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  1. Sweet raid?

  2. Try this on bases with xbows set to air?

  3. you earned my subs, great attack.

  4. My username is jaski plzz allow me to join ur clan (feeder)

  5. Any idea why he dropped his kill squad on the 6 o clock compartment instead of 5 o clock compartment? If he had dropped to the 5 o clock compartment, his queen would have been able to take out the queen, cc, AND 2 of the air defenses? :0

  6. the storm

  7. I like it a lot. Can you find some videos that 3 star maxed th9 using lightning earthquake lavaloon without king and queen? That will be awesome! I saw some before th11 come out. Now with one more dark spell, this can be done easier, I suppose.

  8. Will lvl 5 lightning spells still work on the lvl 7 AD?

  9. Guys, if you want to join WinterNvrCame and create new strategies, apply at CW Boot Camp #P8RV2G20 😉
    – MrP

  10. I have max lightnings but only lv1 eq's, it should work right?

  11. you talk too much

  12. did a 3 star attack using this technique . nice gadi hh ^^,

  13. What does gs96 mean, gadi?

  14. When you have max heroes the king is basically another golem himself…

  15. Rh9 is just broke now. The only balanced Th Level in Coc just got destroyed. Asking myself what th9 Warplayers are gonna do now?!
    Th9 Wars, scrimmages, Matchups were perfect and just amazing. It was totaly possible to 3Star any good Th9 Base, on The same way it was possible to just fail your attack with one mistake. 
    I tell you guys Supercell just made a huge mistake to all this Warcommunitysubgame.

    Still nice video though, as always.

  16. shared on my clans FB

  17. Op strategy, impossible to defend your maxed th9, th10 I'm coming…

  18. Great video and I really wish I could try it out. Its a shame quake and lightning are some of the last things you normally upgrade, once I get my other spells like haste done maybe I can start levelling them.

  19. Gadi hh, I'll wait your video for 3 starring TH 11 max base…. :D

  20. Nice New Strategy, but I still think the Max Attack is the least skilled 3 Star Strategy for Th9