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NEW TH9 Valkyrie Attack with Bowlers in Titan! Clash of Clans – GoVaBo New Valkyrie Attack Strategy

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  1. I wish they wouldn't have dropped there health so much, I have gotten tons of 3 stars at th9 using the old max valks. last few war attacks after update I am getting two stars

  2. I'm the 1,080

  3. sorry for your loss ash, prayer for you and your family brother

  4. ash do u think valks are op now? do u think they will nerf them? theyre awesome now!

  5. Nice attack!

  6. Hey ash is that you war base

  7. Nice video Ash

  8. Best CoC Youtuber :)

  9. anyone knows the intro song?

  10. Can I join ur clan imma start pushing I'm lvl 109

  11. Congratulations on reaching titan, and yes valkyries are better, I won't say way too op but just too fast and furious. Just what we needed to make th10 and th11 3 stars possible.

  12. very very underrated channel

    keep up the good work ash

  13. wow nice vid man

  14. there op

  15. can u make a attack like GoHobo…
    With Golem, hog and bolwer…
    realy want to see that attack

  16. that one troop that doesnt fit in clash, the bowler.

  17. Ash, thanks to your Clash Royale tips I reached arena 4 with ease.Praise Ash !!!!

  18. i love your vids man

  19. thanks btw im full of dark elixir and using this strategy !!

  20. second?

  21. First