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NEW TH9 World Record! 5159 cups/trophies LEGEND | Quantum´s 8.9 |

  1. pier the first th9 in legend league attack for gargolo (i know pier)

  2. this music 😀 i use it :)

  3. müzik ist bombe weiter so

  4. tobi kennst du base für Titans das ich nach machen kann

  5. Congrats, that's impressive. The intro is pretty awesome (^_^)

  6. Great video! Do u play clash royale tobi?

  7. nice attack he is the best now i'm in 4723 trophies with gohog army but u think i will get more trophies using gohog or i need to start using dragons bc i never attack with dragons and i'm scared to fail many attacks bc i never use dragons xD. Any advice?

  8. where can find his base ~~~ link pls ~~ & thx

  9. wow. Was th9 alles schaffen können. Is mein favourite thlvl.

  10. nice video bro

  11. gargolo falso :)

  12. I'm Luca16 in The DARK WIZARD'Clan we love gargolo❤️

  13. sooooo krass man

  14. Amazing achievement ☺

  15. Gargolo falso

  16. ???????

  17. very very very nice video ich liebe solche videos

  18. gargolo the best, greetings from dark wizard =)

  19. I am 5033 now :D

  20. you take the replay from my clan (Gargo legend)…Gargolo is my friend and posted the replays for me, you was in my clan for this???

  21. His record is 5182 cups now 🙂 That's insane! Gratz to him, well played.

  22. Nice
    Hab nur 4717 geschafft… Danach kb mehr gehabt…
    frisst zu viel zeit

  23. Amazing??

  24. Man wieder nice video WANN KOMMEN DEUTSCHE VIDEOS ? ^^

  25. wtf sowas ist doch krank xD gg auf jeden Fall

  26. ohhhhh tobiii you still the replay from my clannn

  27. Like a boss

  28. ????????