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NEW TOWN HALL 7 “ANTI-DRAGON” WAR/TROPHY BASE in Clash of Clans! (CoC TH7 3-Air Defense Update)

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  1. intro song? sounds awesome

  2. Is it really good for war and trophies ??

  3. Ahha

  4. whats the intro song?

  5. Lol i just pass town hall 8 ?? Good luck to all the TH7 who upgrade their walls 😉 STOP AT WALLS LEVEL 7 ! Level 8 are not very important at th8 , wait th9

  6. Admin pls do a new Th8 war base like you did for Th7. I have seen the playlist of Th8 bases you told me to see. Those bases were nice. But do a new refreshing terrific Th8 war base in next video if you have time..! Just a request admin..! Don't think i am commanding you. I am a great lover of your creative bases..!

  7. has una base th6 :D

  8. Wie viele Videos du hochlädts

  9. very good base

  10. I'm first

  11. First 😉 Nice vid ! Can u plz make a th8 hybrid trophy base anti gowipe

  12. today I unlock my been King yeah

  13. let's chat brooo

  14. nice base barcode ur last th8 base was amazing plz keep making good th8 farming bases

  15. hey great broooo