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New TownHall7 War Base with 3 Air Defenses | Best TH7 Anti-Dragons Anti-3 Star

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  1. this looks more like a hybrid base then a war base. your storages are more protected than your defenses.

  2. Base Sucks In my opinion, tried on my max th7 it failed

  3. this is the worst war base

  4. Im a max th 7 yay

  5. Does it defend giants well

  6. This base is badass af

  7. This base looks pretty good! I'm going to try it out in my clan war that starts in just over 17 hours. I'm #20 of 20 in this war so my goal is for them to have to use multiple attacks to get the 3 stars.

  8. ADs are too close here and the TH has no protection. Drop 5 drags on either side and rage them into the ADs and all three will go down. Clan castle with dragon can take out the town hall as well.

  9. Would you recommend this over your previous base build?

  10. They declined my request 🙁 he said he was recruiting th7 too

  11. But it dont matter coz its ur video not mine

  12. I think the ad should have been spread out and closer to the th

  13. Nice base ash

  14. lol when i see this in search results it says no views then i clicked immediately and says 94 views xD

  15. U mean air defense lol

  16. I just got my air strike to lmao