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NEW TROOP FARMING! – Clash of Clans – Millions of Loot With the Miner and Baby Dragon Strategy!

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  3. Can u collab w/ cam

  4. CQOTD: What troop do you think you would be add in clash of clans?

  5. anyone else can't change to 1080p??? I can only have 360p max on this vid why

  6. mystic keep up the good work with the great quality battles and I think you're the best clasher

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  10. I wish I could get that much loot I get 300,000 of each

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  12. is this vid max 360p???

  13. CQOTD i am going to 8th graded what advise can u give me for the first year

  14. Gonna get a lot of "wow I'm early"

  15. I'm in the clan (;

  16. CQOTD: Will you ever plan some meet and greets for your 1 million+ fans? ;)

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  23. CQOTD: Am I allowed to promote my channel here ?

  24. Where me notification squad at

  25. is i just me or everyone can't switch to 720p

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  27. Is there any army for th7 that will give you a ton of loot?

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  33. CQOTD ever plan on pushing again I really liked those videos !

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