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NEW TROOP = THE BOWLER | Clash Of Clans Sneak Peek 2 Offensive Spotlight!

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  1. Amazing new troop. Good job SC!´╗┐

  2. useless troop.. I didn't expect from supercell like this..!!´╗┐


  4. This update sucks for me it's all for higher players´╗┐

  5. Pretty useless troop.Golem 6 was much better !!´╗┐

  6. Hi´╗┐

  7. Doesn't seem like he was an integral part of the attack. his function could have still been done by other types of troops. I thought we were getting dark troops that were suppose to help making 3 star attacks on th 10 more common, I just don't see it with this troop.´╗┐

  8. Looks like he is a bit low on damage. He couldn't ever get a proper funnel created before you dropped your troops.´╗┐

  9. Another troop nobody will use´╗┐

  10. Supercell needs to release gameplay updates like clan wars! It will make the game much more fun, and it will help everyone in the game.´╗┐

  11. He looks like genie from Aladdin´╗┐

  12. R.i.p clash they just can't get anything right to revive this game´╗┐

  13. well not the kind of troops that we expected .. anyway thx alot Ash and thx COC '_*´╗┐

  14. Is there something for us in th9 and th8 in the next update?´╗┐

  15. Doesn't even look like something from clash….´╗┐

  16. awesome.. ogre

    most of the update is on th10 and 11.. and it sucks being the lower th..´╗┐

  17. Who is also Town Hall 9 and hope that their will be a new troop for Town Hall 9?´╗┐

  18. Fifth´╗┐

  19. where is the batsman?´╗┐

  20. I think they would be better in defence than offence´╗┐

  21. Useless troops :/´╗┐

  22. Hey Ash, do you think you can ask supercell to do something about troop selections because as you add more troops, more scrolling would be needed and it can cost you quite a lot when attacking. Maybe allow us to arrange our troops so we don't have to scroll back and forth. It would be a great QoL change.´╗┐

  23. Is that Donald Trump?´╗┐

  24. nice´╗┐

  25. Looks like it could take out air defense that are close to the base and which you could use lava on the base. sounds like it's gonna be really good!´╗┐

  26. I don't like this troop….i expected some other troops.,,,this troop do decent amount of damage and i don't like the color of bowler.´╗┐

  27. Great video new troops is pretty weird though a blue dude throwing a rock ?´╗┐

  28. Not good


  29. 8 housing space?´╗┐

  30. 8 housing space?´╗┐

  31. om´╗┐

  32. Actually this is just a. boom beach troop´╗┐

  33. the bowler´╗┐

  34. Crazy.. What does it do in defending cc???´╗┐

  35. How much does it cost to upgrade dark barracks to 7´╗┐

  36. looks like a blue ogre haha´╗┐

  37. wasn't´╗┐

  38. They seem OP on defense´╗┐

  39. smurf <3´╗┐

  40. Nice´╗┐

  41. xD xD xD no 3 star function´╗┐

  42. second´╗┐

  43. 131st viewer yes´╗┐

  44. First´╗┐