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NEW UPDATE 2016 | Town Hall 7 War Base With 3 Air Defenses! | TH7 War Base CoC 2016!

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  2. Could you make a th8 troll base please?

  3. tony can you make a th7 hybrid base please

  4. clash of clans general tony can i join ur clan

  5. TH9 Troll bases for trophy pushing!

  6. Can u make a th 8 troll base plz ? i need one ?


  8. Can u please make a th7 hybrid/farming base with 3 air defences?

  9. Th6 war base with the 2nd air defence

  10. Thanks tony i will make this baze

  11. Can u do a th 8 troll base

  12. Tony, can you please do a TH7 troll base?? Please?? It is proven and tested that troll bases win more trophies than trophy base. Especially your troll base. 🙂 I hope you read this. TH7 troll base, please.

  13. Th9 war base

  14. TH 6 base

  15. I wanted to join the babybeast clan but is Full

  16. I'm getting a th 8 so could u plz make a th8 troll base #GeneralTony is beast

  17. #townhall7warbase

  18. ????

  19. Can I use it for trophies

  20. I used the base for war. 😀 will give you feed back after war :D

  21. can you do a th6 troll base please tony

  22. How do you screen record

  23. th9 farming base without xbows

  24. Hey Tony.. Please build th7 troll base with three air defence.

  25. Town hall 9, please! :)

  26. ty :)

  27. Love to see the base in action and thanks so much general tony

  28. #TH7WarBase