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NEW UPDATE 2016 – TownHall7 War Base with 3 Air Defenses | Best TH7 Anti-Dragons

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  1. Thanks Ash! I appreciate you hard work :D

  2. war in 3 hrs and im going to use this one.

  3. If i join your clan i can go to war?

  4. I like this one; much better than the other you posted. Thnx!

  5. Ash what do you reccomend upgrading when you hit th7. I'm currently a nearly maxed th7 then the new air dfense came out. Not sure what to upgrade first? @Ash-Clash of Clans

  6. they did good to add another air deffense in this update because people keep winning my base with all dragons attack!

  7. i would use minions to take out the the free crap at the bottom and top and then bring the dragons to hopefully clear up with the remaining 2 ad, unless those ad are lv5, dragons are fucked lol

  8. song ? pls ? xD

  9. Looking for a clan? Altar of Trials is recruiting TH7 players!

  10. thanks with base bery good :)

  11. Oh i see

  12. thnx ash reallt need it

  13. Ha! totally not rushed

  14. This base is awesome! Thank you very much ! I use this base.

  15. Bro ur too fast… short period of time u done a new update th7 base….super thx and the base gud too :)

  16. nice base

  17. Look at ur ad levels ?? Why so low

  18. nice base

  19. believe me or not the dead bases are back !

  20. 3rd

  21. nice base ASH

  22. 2nd

  23. btw thx for the base, ill let my friends know u made this base so they try it out