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NEW UPDATE INFORMATION!! CoC January 2016 Update ALMOST Here!! (Clash of Clans Update Information!!)

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  1. New intro soon? And can I use your bases for my website? I've been asking for a while bro

  2. The swag wagon aka loot cart is pretty cool

  3. So when is the update?

  4. I'm looking forward to the loot cart and star bonus cause will really help on upgrading defences trying to max

  5. Ima th8 pushen for champs!☺️. (Don't say it can't be done)!!

  6. there should be something to th8

  7. When does it come out?

  8. rip th 7 dragon attacks

  9. if you could have multiple loot crates I'd be the richest man because I get attacked 24/7

  10. Now I have to wait till the update comes out so I can max the air defense

  11. Why the third air defense at th7??!!!!!! I'm about to upgrade to that and it looks like it takes so long to max th7 now adding another defense that takes for ever to upgrade!!!

  12. Who else saw the taps? Says: "Like the video or die in a fire "?

  13. rip mass dragon

  14. Put update almost here near the beginning of the title next time dude.

  15. Surely if all the active players trophy push to a higher league that will leave a higher proportion of inactive players

  16. loot cart and star bonus

  17. let's go

  18. Like whore.

  19. nice 1 dude ?????

  20. Ebola?

  21. loot

  22. everything i guess

  23. Who else tapped "update" on the thumbnail

  24. still nothing for th8… ;(

  25. I personaly feel they should give lower lvl players stuff too that's. Why I'm not excited I'm only th7 and nothing is for that th or lower

  26. Awesome video dude thank you

  27. your my fav coc youtuber, I share u to all of my friends. ur the best (no offense galadon)