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NEW UPDATE SNEAK PEAK! New Level Defenses + Aesthetic Changes! | Clash Of Clans

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  1. literally all coc yt ers had the same exact vid

  2. Probably Ice wizard or a Ice wizard tower or a princess from clash royale


  4. #Rocketeer/ChainLightning

  5. Tony, did you do the I pad giveaway yet?

  6. I think one of the dark troops is going to be called Tony's bitch ;D love ya tony ! ;P

  7. lmao Clash Royale

  8. Nice vid tony

  9. when is the update coming out

  10. I really don't like the new look for the air defenses

  11. Type in this code for a head start on points in cash for apps: fb6851

  12. I don't like the change of the air defenses. I liked it when it looked like bottle rockets, not crayons

  13. The new troop should be called dragonite

  14. Tony you Are My favourite clash of clans youtuber you always make my day. Carry on doing what your doing because you are amazing ! Hopefully you will see this and carry on (Well not only this) youtube. For the last time YOU ARE AMAZING !

  15. Sub to me plz

  16. During the halloween update, there was a new troop on the loading screen, looked like a mummy sort of troop. Looks as if it can jump walls so i'm guessing some sort of wall jumping goblin? Doesnt look as though it will have too many hitpoints but i thought that would be included in the december update but it wasnt. So a possibility?

  17. On galadons video you could see a new lvl dark barracks

  18. Everyone is now safe from air attacks knowing crayons are protecting them. We are all saved

  19. when supercell update game
    i will go to coc on pc then go to files and bring back air defense version ;-;

  20. Giant Skeleton I guess

  21. doesn't matter if im on phone or pc there are always Clash Royale ad's

  22. Tony u said we should help #BABYBEASTS but when I try to join it says : unavalible to join clan at this time

  23. Thanks for the update love you vids bro:) your inspiring?

  24. My dad

  25. I think this update is pretty awesome

  26. Hi

  27. Tony you make to much vids about updates

  28. "They look like crayons" xDDD funniest thing I've heard all day