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New Valkyries are Overpowered! – Clash of Clans

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  1. OMG I'm so jealous now and wtf ur back to legends already?!?!

  2. Anyone else notice his cups jumped like crazy? Not that long ago he was on Champs 2.. Now 5019

  3. Brandon you shouldn't put your videos in slo-mo because it feels like the framerate is dropped as well as the speed of the video for some reason

  4. Hey Brandon, what is your favourite troop in clash of clans at the moment?

  5. Nice

  6. brandon the type of asian to drop 500 per update

  7. theyre awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Every fucking time you say " super duper…" i have to vomit QQ

  9. Congrats on your high level!!! How did you get that high??

  10. Use heals

  11. Super duper ?

  12. Brandon make hog rider attack btw nice vids

  13. Supe dupe video

  14. ?

  15. Brandon can I join your clan?

  16. Brandon do u play clash royale

  17. Hunchbacks are overpowered

  18. Don't call them overpowered or SC will be here to screw up something they made better

  19. Your spelling is fucking shit

  20. Im early. Lemme think of a joke…

    The new air defences.

  21. SC gonna nerf'em

  22. They look awesome now 🙂 Nice vid as always Brandon :D

  23. heyy Brandon what are you upgrading in the laboratory? ??

  24. damn u got legend again :D

  25. can I see how the builder improvement I jus wanna see what was the improvement an can I see the rock guy in action thank you Brandon hope you notice me sempi

  26. 7

  27. 92.

  28. Nice Video

  29. very short sentence

  30. 6

  31. Love your vids dude

  32. first

  33. 1 st uayayayaay