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NEW WORLD RECORD! – Clash of Clans – It’s Been Broken! 6,000 Trophies Reached

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  1. he got 6013 at the end of the season…

  2. its because ur using rage spells instead of heal spells. literally dont get the use of the rage spells, maybe 1 rage would be ok

  3. CQOTD:when do u think the next big update for coc is coming?

  4. CQOTD: i wonder every month how much you spend gem to push n the people in the top leaderboard

  5. So close

  6. CQOTD: Are you getting a face cam?

  7. LOL got doc ads while watching this vid at the same tame as he said clash of clans

  8. CQOTD: Why don't you think of a CR challenge? like the common card only challenge or rare or epic

  9. CQOTD: Who are you taking for prom xD

  10. CQOTD: Do you have a girlfriend? If so, you should let her do some raids in Clash of Clans or battles in Clash Royal, it would be a funny video ?. Btw love all your videos ?!

  11. CQOTD:wht u will reavel fr 1 million sub

  12. Are you gonna do another draw my life video when you hit 1000000 subs?

  13. When is this

  14. 7:10 I've never related to a video more

  15. CQOTD: Do you think there should be a dark spell, where you place it on a building and everything targets it (example if everything runs away from the town hall) or where you place it everything moves there (example: at the end of a raid to get troops out of range of a defense)? It exists in boom beach and is really awesome! ps. love ur vids

  16. When he ugrade the fucking grand warden to 15

  17. CQOTD: What do you think is more important, gold or elixir?

  18. I hitmarkered the carrier boat bang while watching this video

  19. absolutely crazy :'D

  20. CQOTD: I notice in your clan description of Daddy'sDarlings that there are two new feeders and I was wonder not only who's idea it was, but are there gonna be inter-clan wars between all the Daddy's Clans??

  21. What is the league above Titan?

  22. CQOTD: what is your favorite subject in school

  23. Hey guys, I am trading a th11 with all lvl 10 walls, maxed defenses and heroes. I trading this for a lvl 2 clash royal base


  25. The last time I checked clash 4000 trophies was a record wtf has changed

  26. can i join your Clan me ar th 9

  27. Subscribers: 994,994 damn.


  29. For 1 mil subscriber can you make a funniest moments of CoC video?

  30. Wite i can give u a little suggestion if u want, u dont get alot of views on ur vid cuz ur thumbnail and name of video spoilers what video is gonna be about so there is no point of watching it

  31. CQOTD: Do you think if you dropped clash of clans from your YouTube channel and added something else in like boom beach or gaming do you think you will have more subscribers or less than you have right now

  32. The 5999 guy never reaches 6000, he ended the season wiht 5999

  33. Too bad that second kid never hit 6k lmao 1 trophy away…

  34. It's ML7 KSA meaning (sault ksa)

  35. I made a video before I about this?????

  36. MYs

  37. CQOTD : Wite , what would have U done if U had got ice wizard from free chest ?? because I have just got one !! ??

  38. dar Apdyt baed khi ezafe miseh

  39. can u go to lower th lvl because I need some tips on a th7 account and attack strategys

  40. CQOTD: for a new feature to the game , do you reckon they should add army presets ? So like you can save an army and then once you have saved it you choose which one you want and before you go to attack you click a preset and it begins to make all of it in the quickest way

  41. CQOTD: do you think that this would be a good feature to coc… When you go to find a match, instead of taking an army you click find match and it gives you a base and then you can train an army (kind of like clan wars) and attack it ? If you catch my drift

  42. CQOTD: Are you a virgin?

  43. CQOFD: have u ever discussed coc with ur gf ??

  44. love u wite i'm sure u come to get 1m very soon!!


  46. MYSTLC7 do you know that how to grow a channel fast? I have also started a YouTube channel &, im inspired from you can you give me some tips