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New Year’s Resolutions

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  1. Your making more video's than updates.
    But that's fine.

  2. I could use all ur help if u could subscribe to me I would love to hit 20 subs we post trick shots and vlogs everyday so I could use ur help

  3. what song

  4. Hola, aviso de spam. Nuestro clan acaba de crearse una pagina en facebook que lo podran buscar de la siguiente manera: Clan "El bananero LOL" clash of clan. En dicha pagina podran encontrar videos diarios de repeticiones de distintas formas de atacar y de ayuntamiento. Muchas gracias

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  6. Very nice ?

  7. I think I'll make my resolution on behalf of the entire CoC fanbase!

    Go for one whole day without moaning about the TH11 update!

  8. builders are lip sinkers

  9. hahah the buider's lip saying hahahaahah

  10. hhhhhhhh

  11. At the end of the song it says 'Minecraft' =D

  12. builders nose looks like d%ck

  13. I thought they were include that they were gonna fix the game they broke D:


  15. 0:42 Is it a sign?

  16. My Brothar My Brothar My Brothar…

  17. 0:23 springtrap

  18. كلشي ما افتهمت

  19. What the hell is he saying

  20. Bagus

  21. :))))

  22. Esta grabado

  23. Pene

  24. Auld lang syne =D

  25. mirad mi canal

  26. Кто русский Лайк

  27. wut song '-') ?

  28. Pekka is actually a girl because one day in the tips below the loading screen it said that pekka's Armour is so heavy that spring traps does not work on 'HER'!

  29. Lol

  30. Какую полоску скурили создатели этого видоса?)

  31. Well, The spring trap resolution definitely lasted for like 8 seconds. My troops stepped on plenty of spring traps already