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Ninja Live Episode #21

The ninja is back and catching some really nice attacks. Hope you guys enjoy the show! Join me on Bindle! #OneHiveRaids …


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  1. I notice people are taking way too much time with the new update. They really seem to overestimate 30 extra seconds.

  2. having you react live to the raid and not knowing the outcome makes it so much better!

  3. Watch your back,Byron, the ninja is looking for you.

  4. Why are you using Hiro from Mini Ninjas as a thumbnail for Clash?

  5. Nice binja video ;)

  6. nice attacks wow

  7. " FU jake " said plaw :)

  8. nice attack mr yaz

  9. ninja live is becoming my favourite series.

  10. Can't be missin LB's attacks like that haha gotta ninja him

  11. Bonjour

  12. very nice attacks!! Thanks for the vid Jake

  13. Lol that's gonna be a nice recap!

  14. lol Noah, : "woo?"

  15. curious about Garske attack at the end seeing atom WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOOW lol

  16. Nonja, ninga, and ninja'd live!!!

  17. nice raid s wow

  18. ninja lve!!

  19. Is that level 8 or am I seeing that wrong, Oh my God I hate these wars like this. Lol cracked me up the way you said that.

  20. woooooo! ninja live!