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Ninja Live Episode #22

During my visit over at OneHive Prime I decided to unleash the ninja on them! Caught several unsuspecting victims for you viewing pleasure. Hope you guys …


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  1. I finally made it to do the tryout for the onehive family, can't wait to war with you guys!

  2. OMG that was soooo close!
    nice try cato

  3. NINJA

  4. Bindle + NInja = Binja !

  5. the binja is always in the bushes watching

  6. Gotta say this is probably my favorite series of yours!

  7. bad freeze placement by jadorie thats rough

  8. Binja strikes again!

  9. hi jake, love the vid. nice attack dirt.

  10. How many onehive clans are there?

  11. ninja gets around lol

  12. Hey Jake, just watched the Death of a TH10 video and absolutely loved it! Very well put together and great insight to see how TH10s are dealt with. My question is: Are you considering making it into a series?
    Cheers man!

  13. nice

  14. Ninjaaaaaaaa

  15. Rapid fire ninja on duty :D

  16. Nice ninja episode

  17. love ninja live episodes man. keep em coming.

  18. jake? so cloth buddy (6:29) ? ;))

  19. binja live :)

  20. binjad. thats new :))