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Ninja Live Episode #24

The ninja jumps in on some unsuspecting victims from the OneHive family scrimmage! And this time I don’t discriminate, I grab attacks from both sides of the map …


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  1. i really like the outro jake!

  2. Great video

  3. Hello jake, how you choose your family clan for war? How oh vs oh genesis is it by chance?

  4. im surprised a 2 star hit would be left so late in the war

  5. Did anyone notice that the visual for the projectiles from the eagle artillery are different when it is frozen and when it is not?

  6. Hey jake, i have a question, i was in the sith happens about 10 months ago for a good 3 months. I have heard much fray and conflict of this clan with others since. Are they xmodders?

  7. Binja live is best series on you tube awesome vids jake ?

  8. Guys, the level 9 clan won.

  9. Awesome Jake, always a fun series

  10. Ninja Lives are great!

  11. Nice attack by Martini with the Swag heal

  12. Awesome war

  13. Lots of fails this time.. nice episode tho.

  14. Ninjaaaa :D

  15. I'm like a video ninja

  16. OH vs. OH >>> Inception :o

  17. That was really good

  18. Congrats on that level 30 queen Jake

  19. Omg. I Love These Ninja live episodes. Keep em up Jake.

  20. squadoosh