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Ninja Live Episode #25

The ninja is back and grabbing some unsuspecting live attacks! Hope you guys enjoy the show. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as …


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  1. Lmao, Alpha Gill was caught using imod, did she get kicked yet?

  2. woot ninja is back. I love this series

  3. lolololololololololol,ol,olool Alpha Gill , got kicked for modding xD

  4. MY Clan Name is Onehive Raids and also lvl 9 :)

  5. funny how one day you showed a person's attack, and the next day that person got caught modding eh?

  6. +OneHive Raids – Jake, you could simply hook your phone / tablet up to a speaker system and listen for that war attack noise while the game is running… rather than actually stare at the screen looking for the icon. Should be much easier for you.

  7. Lol enemy clans name "no war".

  8. 4:45 the sweeper :D

  9. Is HoldMyBeer still in OneHive? Loved his attacks

  10. Jake last time i had a conversation with my clan mates about one hive, and they told me the most of you guys mod. i'm in a faire play war clan now and i found that really and one hive seemed always as a great rising faire war play clan to me. one clan mate of mine joined a few wars in one hive and notice modding people in One hive and left bc of that. What are your thought on this.

  11. what happened to the onehive family? i was just watching something on the onehive labs channel, and I heard something that indicated that there may have been a split in the family. Sure enough, the website that used to have onehive, onehive prime, all of them other ones… now it only has invicta, 2.0, and swarm.

    Has this been mentioned in any of you videos, Jake, and I just missed it? What happened?

  12. Do a face reveal and face cams

  13. Do facecams

  14. Jake you could set keywords on your iPad/iPhone so when you type "live" it will replace it with Ninja Live!

  15. Love binja live series!

  16. it doesn't even feel like 2 weeks since the last ninja

  17. nice attacks keep up the good work Jake n one question iv ran in to a clashheads(AR) member in he said that they can take u guys n he talked about there the best around but i thought he was just being cocky ik OneHive can take them just wanted to let u know that.

  18. we (FYSB) are facing the exact same clan

  19. Beautiful raids man, thank you Jake.

  20. jake you should try turning your game sound on at full volume and just sit on your village, since there's a sound when a live attack comes up. That way you don't miss any of the attack from not noticing they're going in. hope it helps, great vid man.

  21. The "binja" is back!

  22. Does any1 else wanna c master weet's defence replay at 7:13 lol

  23. About fucking time! It's been way too long since the Ninja stuck

  24. 6:38 dj khaled

  25. Oh shit they used 45 attacks and 11 stars I wish I saw them in war

  26. lol jake u can't spell. and u said he was a th9 but he was a th10

  27. I missed ninja live soo much

  28. even with the iPadPro you missed up again lol! u vot ninja'd!

  29. Hmm.. I'm afraid Jake will end up being like Daddy.. :/

  30. 45 attacks, 11 stars… What's up with the enemy clan yo?

  31. I'm lobbying for inja live! to be no less than 20 min…power to the people!

  32. Level 9 vs lvl 4 clan? :o

  33. Has a golaloon queued up so definitely an air attack- jake2016