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Ninja Live Episode #29

The ninja is back and this time silent! Enjoy the Clash hits from the shadows. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as well as get perks for …


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  1. Great video as always, but yeh I prefer when you tell them to see their reactions

  2. I like when you let them know!

  3. New outro? Looks nice! I like it when you don't announce it but either way as always enjoying the content, keep it up Jake!!!

  4. don't tell them

  5. much better this way

  6. Aye! Binja live is nack

  7. Jake can you show the 15 hogs swag attack?lol

  8. Hey Jake, 14:09 you concentrated on queen but look at 5 witches he brought all doomed by just 1 wiz tower

  9. Way to go One hive, Awesome video

  10. hi jake. let the guys know they got binja'd. i personally like the reaction in the chat 😀 its fun to watch. happy clashing

  11. If you want Jake to announce in the chat that it is a ninja live attack then thumbs up this comment. If not then thumbs down. Then Jake can get an idea what his subs like best.


  13. It was better earlier when you used to tell them about the ninja live! .. It was fun to watch their reactions and how the chat just blossoms up. Would be better to bring that back.
    Anywhoodles thanks for the awesome content.

  14. it was better earlier man :(

  15. haha good thing there was no black bombs to trigger on the 'golem' @10:06

    @Jake ;)

  16. awesome video..keep up the awesome work jake

  17. Say "Pineapple" or some obscure word each time you ninja someone. See how long it takes them to catch on. I think that'd be quite funny.

  18. I like it a lot better this way. great video!

  19. its better not telling them and having them find out when they watch the video True Ninja

  20. I like it.

  21. Someone give me a historical example of a ninja that announced himself after each kill.

    Maybe, Tom Cruise, as the last samurai?

  22. Way more fun to let them know!

  23. One Hive attackers be like "anotha one anotha one"

    Good wars guys hope to see it coming till the end of the days!

  24. People like this way better? wtf

  25. I prefer letting them know in chat, it's always fun to see the reactions

  26. Jake let them know!! That's the best part!!!!

  27. tell them

  28. i prefer letting them know , because its awesome to know you've been binja'd

  29. nigga live!

  30. Did I read that correctly "15 swag hogs" ?!?!? Holy crap that's insane

  31. Ninja is my personal fav series!! its Fun to see everyones reaction lol

  32. 7:36 I can't be the only one who was checking the phone …?

  33. Waiting on troops to finish while watching the ninja:3

  34. I like for you to call out ninja, because your reaction (jake) when people start attacking and you have rapid fire ninja XD

  35. give us th10 attacks