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Ninja Live Episode #31

The ninja is back! Seems like I have brought the ninja curse with me this time tho. Hope you guys enjoy the live Clash of Clans action. Check out my Patreon …


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  1. LOL can someone please explain what patreon is.. sorry IDK.

  2. LOL after the first attack Cheetum left the clan…can't say I haven't done that before though too!

  3. doesn't splash damage affect queen under ability? So balloons on top will still do damage to queen under ability

  4. Black Hawks is looking for new members. We are an adult war clan with a green log with a couple losses to misdeed unfortunately. Come check us out. Clan ID #9Y89ULQ2

  5. Oh so the plow changed his name to Erotik or second account?
    Thought he left for good though he was leader
    Onehive seems weird to me these days. ?

  6. "probably left for good. its been coming"
    Woah ? 6:00


  8. Nice to have the Ninja back!!! What a shame that some clans can't play fairly. We are up against CPN.TARLAC CLAN from the Philippines who have 5 th9s that have war weights of th7s yet have maxed (for th9) hogs, golems, heals and dragons. So effectively 10 more th9 attacks than us. Shame on you cheaters!!!

  9. I just noticed…where's Plow?

  10. enjoyed this one a lot, stuff like this is what you face as average player, learning more from such fails than from perfect attacks

  11. anyone notice that cheetum hit @powerbanggamimg anti 3 base. I was like oh shit! thats the base I use lol

  12. *cheetum has left the clan" haha come on, gold right there

  13. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pete snipes

  14. Jake please do ninja live against good bases/good enemy clan

  15. fuck off cheetum guys his butt swag was better than ur skill

  16. Poor drogo i wouldve broken my phone

  17. Pete with his own woooo train lol

  18. I forgot I was watching a ninja live and thought I was watching a war recap.
    My thoughts: how in hell is cheetum gonna 3-star this with 8 hogs and his queen xD

  19. Not first

  20. lol well this is awkward. My tablet was having problems swapping troops. I wasn't able to swap to hogs for some reason, like the tablet wasnt registering my taps on that spot. intended to lure to queen with hog in case of dragon before sending valks but couldnt get hogs to select so just skipped it. of course there ended up being a dragon. still had problems selecting hogs till near the end as you see i dropped heals outside trying to deploy hogs. I war in Prime on sun/mon anyway and was planning to go over after my attack. I did leave more abruptly than usual because i was upset about the attack. Pretty much the worst attack ever, and ninja'd too wonderful haha. RIP

  21. Who was Duche talking about? ("probably left for good, it´s been coming)..cheetum?

  22. Lol

  23. ILLUMINATI CONFIRM that's the best Th9 anti 3 star base LOL!! :O

  24. This was so funny war! Good job OneHive for making me laugh :')

  25. All who is commenting negative in this vid 1st of all where did u all learn your attacks in cw?and if theres someone who will answer (not in this chanel) GTFO better be silence that nonsense or talk to my hand and discuss with my fist mother father.

  26. The two attacks on the same base were really bad actually xD

  27. Damn, the Gibja wrecking people's raids, connections, and faces….sorry to see that haha

  28. you need a healer for the valks! ESPECIALLY when there's drags and loons in the CC!

  29. I feel so bad for cheetum. He's had some good attacks on the channel in the past

  30. LOL cheetum left the clan

  31. You guys probably all know this but they did a small nerf to Valks. They took 100 hp away and they attack a bit slower.. The update made them have 1000 hp at lvl 4 and now they're nerfed ;(

  32. "We better stop it here before we lose a war" hahaha XD

  33. First base was powerbang's

  34. First attack was really shit xD

  35. haha been there cheetum

  36. 14 valks got 3 defenses? <.<

  37. Cheetum rode off into the sunset. Sleep tight sweet prince.