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[No swearing/cussing] how to get more free loot in Clash Of Clans

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  1. I'm still watching! I don't play anymore but I always love your vids! Good to see you back, and love the no swearing! ?

  2. Thx for the video daddy, I still enjoy watching you

  3. Miss these videos so much, way better than constant clash royale vids :/ hope all is well

  4. Why won't people admit that everything went South after December?

  5. When daddy uploads a new video???

  6. i enjoy your content for you, not nessesarily the content. could you try making different videos of different games or even just inspirational videos and general life advice?

  7. Lol daddy! Love you clash of clans videos!

  8. cool vid :-)

  9. where do you see clash going mate?and still waiting on the vid for max th9 going at th10?
    cheers bud got you on the boredom thing take care✌

  10. Hey Daddy I'm glad u still making clash of clans videos, looks like everyone else stopped and start posting other games instead, keep it up with the good work ??

  11. I'm always here :)

  12. great video, i wish supercell would bring more content to the game, the bowler hasnt cut it for me, we need a new feature.

  13. I've subscribed to this channel for such a long time. Plz don't stop like the other youtubers, this channel brings back good memories. I am actually going to watch your old videos ?

  14. I remember when your videos used to get 70k views per vid :(

  15. good old farming videos – you are now my only clash subscription, had to remove the others because I despise clash royal. Btw would be nice to see your main account and how you're doing with farming there.

  16. Theme music was good

  17. It s about time to play clash sometimes….:)

  18. love this channel xD

  19. #MakeCoCGreatAgain

  20. After Royale came out, Clash of Clans completely died on YouTube. All the big channels switched to Royale. The dramatic loss in viewership on your channel is probably related to this Daddy.

  21. Daddy I am new to your channel. Can you please quickly explain why you left ClearlyConfused?

  22. Why aren't you playing with your reaction game plays

  23. I stopped watching all the clash of clans youtubers who don't make clash videos anymore just because I'm not interested in any of the other content they make. Honestly I have no desire to watch some tit showing off his car or whinging about this or that lol cam gone, galadon gone, chief pat gone, Spencer gone, chop chop chop… only survivors from the purge are daddy, clash with ash and beakers lab.

  24. Dang daddy back at it again with a clash vid

  25. My names daddy and I play clash of clans all the time

  26. Nice to see you again tho

  27. Daddy can you address all these YouTuberswho copy each other and feel the need to upload the SAME stuff everyday expect godson he creative

  28. hey daddy I was wondering how you play clash of clans like how do you find the best bases to attack and I would like some tips on dark elixir farming because I have a th9 account as well

  29. I doubt it but, you remember this channel? Back in the barch with minion days…good times im now th11 and just gave up its not fun anymore branch out daddy take away the parental and no cussing and make a mature channel im sure you could have an audience for it….largest channel on youtube sure does

  30. lol nice loot, i dont seem to find that much. i'm around crystal 1

  31. lol

  32. daddy do you know a hack I could use

  33. Clash of clans really got so boring for me 🙁 nice video Daddy