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NO WAY DID THIS HAPPEN!! | Clash Of Clans | TH9 Push To Titans!!

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  1. i love clash of clans and i thropy push like you

  2. can you subscribe to me and check out my vids bro

  3. Smiffy please keep uploading we love u ❤️

  4. Push to legions

  5. Just started my channel can u tell me how to improve

  6. lol*

  7. u suck lok

  8. First attack was very poorly executed, no funneling :(and why to attack base with 0 trophy.
    Anyway enjoyed the video

  9. Your lit smiffy

  10. spend ur loot on walls, less high level people will attack because alot of them farm there

  11. its 0 cups because he dropped cups

  12. just saying id use a new strategy. keep going its really good loot once you get there
    i used
    2 gollys, 8 wiz, 5 wbs, 8 valks, 2 pekka, 4 arch
    4 eqs, 1 rage, 1 heal

  13. Smiffy why don't you spend your gold?!

  14. make a cr clan for the 5000 of us ???

  15. trophies*

  16. that 0 ttophies tho

  17. lol

  18. smiffy should have more subs his content is great

  19. keep it up smiffy, you're ready good bro, never give up, ignore the haters, they are just jealous, keep up the excellent work bruv :)

  20. Nice ??

  21. Left a sub and like, surprised i hadn't subbed earlier! Either way keep up the good job man and don't quit, you never know when you'll get a viral video so don't give up. Pewdiepie had like 20 subs after a month or two of making videos so you never know i guess.

  22. that's awful??

  23. Uncle how ya doing

  24. Smiffy my Clan is called Hell Zone with black stripes and my name is DaltoisAwesoje

  25. Can you check out my base

  26. Smiffy plus I am a TH 5 going to TH6

  27. Np

  28. NP

  29. Keep it up bro about to pass me haha?

  30. np bro…whats your Instagram ?

  31. love your intro bro….Guys sub to me comment

  32. Smiffy you make awesome vids and it has great commentary and one day you will be the top COC YouTuber

  33. I love your intro awesom

  34. 40th LIKE??

  35. Hey smiffy when you are going to do th10

  36. In the next video ask everyone to say in the comments what challenges you should do