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OHG / Channel Update + Future Plans

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  1. Duh!! Big time trouble caused!! never mind bruh You can always do it again. Umm..I was actually wondering how i get to join Onehive alpha

  2. i've learned a lot of attacks and strategy on this channel. Keep up the good work.


  4. What is a farming boot?

  5. GL bud! Hope to see you in cwl2 😉

  6. You should consider becoming new GWA youtuber! Come over to record GWA Vs 6s récent match ASAP before we lose replays. Say "OHG YT guy here to record. Spoke to J5".

  7. Tough break dude sucks your mate was modding hope you guys re build and get stronger!

  8. Good Luck OHG! Nate

  9. its a tough stance sc has taken, i do see this stance as a progressive step to eliminating unfair advantage. its an age old solution when you cant control one bad apple….have his peers control him through pressure. have to punish one, then punish all, then everyone will monitor those around them. fair..unfair ultimately it is what it is….btw great channel, great content, great job. sorry about the bad apple.

  10. What's a good farming comp for th10 ?

  11. If you want to recap for GWA in cwl we would like to have ya over m8. Just let me know :)

  12. keep ur heads up man and keep fighting strong I would like to join but I don't know if you guys take 9.5s I was a max th9 even walls were maxed out

  13. When Supercell made the announcement of their plan in this latest wave I was immediately concerned. As a leader in my clan I felt powerless. I knew I could not tell if a member was modding and yet the entire clan membership was at risk of these 2 wk bans. We have a core group but there is always some turnover and thus the risk is never-ending. I agree that modding needs to be eliminated, but it is not a viable solution to punish the whole group while not giving a tool for leadership to prevent the problem. If permanent ban to a modder is not a deterrent, then 14 day ban to a modder's clan mates is unlikely in the extreme to make a difference in their decision to mod. This policy from SC needs a rethink.

    I totally sympathize with OH Genesis clan and leadership. You are suffering from an ill conceived policy. I hope you can recover from this and come back stronger.



  15. hey man im a fresh th8.5 (queen, ad, tesla, traps) and my heroes are 10/8 atm but im upgrading em consistently, do i have any chance joining?

  16. sent a join request fkrgot to mention that I intend to upgrade to the 9 maybe an 8.5 earliest as possible it isn't a rushed base so do I resend an application?

  17. I sent a friend request to everyone in OHG. I invited those who requested to join my clan. None of them did ?. Thought it was worth trying to snap up a disgruntled member.

    If any OHG member wants to drop down to a more casual level of clash, but with wars taken seriously, feel free to join Bomber Blitz (Lvl 6 clan Bomber Rock is leader).

  18. I'm th 8 can I join?

  19. Dont give up on CWL! Rats always abandoning a sinking ship – atleast now you know how many real comrades your clan have. Just recruit and continue fighting!

  20. OHG is finished. Your clan is now a joke and no serious player will ever join. I'm not trolling or being unkind but the only thing that's keeping your up is that OH affiliation

  21. player tag: #jyoyovry

  22. RIP OHG

  23. I would like to join just the gemming requirements are the problem ?

  24. Dont drop out of cwl man. Fight this shit. Recruit and atleast try fight back

  25. hahahahahaha!)))
    cheaters are always going to find excuses to cheat!
    i got banned once: inappropriate troll warbase ..!. ×_×.!..

  26. I'm the leader of Darc Avengers, we have 2 clans in the family in the CWL. Between us and Clantanemo Bay we might be looking for a YouTuber. Clantanemo Bay has one but would still be interested in talking. Btw I was in Gen for a little right before the legacy guys split.

  27. I use to be in Geniuses You didn't even know the guys name was Karma he was Arabic shady guy to have in the clan

  28. if SC can really ban all kinds of modders,it is worth it 14 days clan war ban