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One Clash of Clans Rant to Rule Them All

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  1. Great vid Jake. Right on point.

  2. if jake becomes an employee for 1 month coc will become the ultimate game

  3. Supercell released a note addressing what they're focusing on.

  4. arranged wars with smaller wars, that's a recipe for disaster…

  5. I wish Supercell would listen to you Jake, I really appreciate someone who offers solutions to problems rather than just complain and what you presented makes a lot of sense.  Thanks for the thoughtful comments!

  6. Supercell has to see this and listen!!! Great ideas Jake, you should work there.

  7. Agree with you Jake

  8. Let's just hope that supercell doesn't become an example of 'The bigger you are the harder you fall'. I like clash and don't want it to go away.

  9. This makes a whole lot of sense. Nice work.

  10. #ListenToJake

  11. Just bring back dead bases, for crying out loud, at least make the game fun for farmers again.

  12. ''poster boys'' lol

  13. I completly agree. Im am in a small hard core War clan with 10 to 15 members wars. Our win streak is 28 wins and only one of them was an other hard core War clan.

  14. trophy idea brilliant

  15. The last update as everyone can see has increased the number of legends and obviously top player immediatly gemmed th11. Legends and th11: millions of gems for SC. That's what they want.
    Absolutely perfect jake

  16. I love the way you think and tackle problems, Jake. My brain runs the same way so it makes it easy for me to understand your point, they even sound obvious to me.
    The idea you gave about fixing the trophies you get from an opponent and having a base weight for pushing is good so, if they don't want to "replace" their old system with yours, they could just add it to the current system as a second priority, hence, if the old system fails to deliver an opponent, the matchmaking will now work based on your idea resulting in no clouds. Also this new system could prioritise opponents based on their leagues, the lower the league the higher they are in matchmaking because as you said a TH 11 in gold is sort of invisible so, this guy doesn't care about trophies, okay, but he'll be robbed of his loot due to this system of matchmaking, hence, forcing him to go up in trophies which will also contribute towards less time in clouds.

  17. valks lvl5 on th10 <3 with a different look maybe ;D
    i would like to have unboundled farming and trophy attacks. farming in the same offensive and defensive range as u r and for trophy a better system. at the moment the most active guy is on top. u can still get there by mass attacks. 900×1 star with 6 trophys is still the same like 300×3 stars with 18 trophys. guess whos the better attacker and who deserves the 1st place. in coc activity >>> skill and it needs to be the other way round

  18. This whole update was nothing but a money grab….all about buying gems.

  19. Fantastic vid as always, Jake! FYI, Anoushka just posted a communication regarding the update in the general section of the forums. Thought you'd want to know. Keep up the awesome work!

  20. It's funny how after Pat and Galadon spoke out, they finally post a short response on the forum. I guess the videos did help after all.