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  1. Can i do this with my lv21 queen??

  2. Hey Powerbang i just wanted to ask if u could make a video on the best war bases style after the valks update for th 9,10,11 and what type of bases that your clan are using.. thanks and keep up the good work love you man

  3. My queen is still a low lvl queen. I still do queen walk and it does work. Can you give a good army for when the queen is down? (upgrading)

  4. Good vid, but I feel like AQ walk is very much nerfed. I remember prior to the recent update with the Xbows being buffed, I could clear a base and get the resources without using any spells, pretty easily. Now, two lvl 3 Xbows do quite a bit of damage on my queen, and if some other point defenses lock on her, I'm forced to use a rage. It's still doable and a good strategy, but it's costing a bit more than it used to.

  5. Next vid: your secret to finding dead bases in a game where dead bases are quite rare indeed. Maybe it's a TH10/crystal thing. Seriously, I am in Crystal 1 and have not seen a base like this since the warden update. lol

  6. love it man thanks posting

  7. 0:53 5 million plus raids in a row….that would be impressive.

  8. does this work with a lvl 2 queen? ?….

    Please say yes ?

  9. Are you still seeing all of these dead bases? I'm a TH10 in the same league range. They were everywhere on Monday but few and far between since then.

  10. Hey guys, i am looking to expand our clan. We are lvl7 with 140+ war wins. Only lvl7 because we do 10 person wars 2-3 times a week. If interested we are fear the rear #8pcr99g8. Th8+ non rushed players. My name is Matt in game.

  11. I'm using Queen walk (6 healers) with 12 valks, 8 wiz and 4 wb at master 1. Am killing it so far ??

  12. i agree that this strategy is super strong and you make a lot of loot, but the biggest issue i run into with this strategy is that the healers take such a long time to train when you are not boosting. Does this bother you? or do you do something that speeds up the train time?

  13. Nice vid pb! I like that archer trick ?

  14. pretty good loot! I find that crystal league has the best loot.

  15. powerbang, is there a th9 base that you can not 3 star?

  16. step 1 find dead base. step 2 raid dead base. profit. this is news

  17. What's the minimum queen level you recommend for this strategy?

  18. Will you make a 3 star vault for th 10 bases?

  19. PB I've been using 4 healers and have 2 more healers in cc. I bring 8-12 wb 4-8 giants 15-20 gobs and rest archers. I'm down in the 1800-2100 and I find low level 10s with th 8 defenses and vacant bases down here. With this army I can get de and full collectors. I can also raid more frequently then using 8 healers. I know u don't like giants but I use them to create funnel and tank for archers gobs to get collectors. I wait for giants to die before dropping queen and healers. If I use minions I can raid even faster.

  20. i would like to try it but it takes 45 minutes without boost to make this army right?

  21. hells yeah PB…these are the best videos…the ones that explain in detail how to get better as an attacker. keep up the good work PB…I'll b looking forward to more videos like this one

  22. any tips if boosting? how you que troops?

  23. it's tough farming for exilir if you're using a army that cost over 305k your room for profit is slim. but for everything is fine I'll check it out.

  24. you must be the luckiest clasher alive.
    Cant find anything like this

  25. Could you make any TH7 guides?

  26. PB, love your Vids. Hey, if you still have a TH9 base with a lower queen (10-20) could do a similar video for farming? Obviously the 34 queen kicks butt, but I have had a harder time executing this strat at a level 14 Queen. Thanks and please keep up the great work!

  27. This is obviously a very powerful strat. There are a couple of downfalls to every day players tho. For if you want to upgrade ur queen this is obviously impossible. The other thing is it takes FOREVER to train… Not everyone gems troops. I'm in the same range (thanks to ur vids ?) but I use gihobarch and I get just as much loot while only waiting 15-18 min between raids

  28. Great video and good strat. My "problem" is that: my queen is gonna sleep for the next month and a half (until she's maxed) and my IT are upgrading. So, I can't aq walk and don't wanna go to cristal because without my IT people would destroy me every time. My method consists of farming with full goblin in gold/silver. It's not as efficient as queen walking but Igot no choice since I don't gem at all (heroes or defenses) but it's only for 2 months and a half until I get my queen back. If it can help someone.

  29. In master 1+ there is mostly dark elixer for a th 9. Or raids like this but at th 10/11 wich I can't attack most of the time.

  30. What about farming dark while the queen is upgrading? I've been queen walking for 5 weeks now and it's time to finish her last 5 lvls haha. Th9 btw

  31. I still use minions instead if archers it a queen walk, I have a low level queen at 10, it seems to work with skill at 5 with like 50% success with queen still up. I want to know good farming techniques with your queen being upgraded.

  32. Does the time of the day you're raiding affect how common dead bases are for you?

  33. Almost identical to my farming army. Woke my lady up to level 20 today, always miss her! Heading to crystal 1 after seeing this, you're killing it!

  34. Ever raid in gold 1(1650-1800 cups) PB? I usually don't have to use full army and I hit dead bases like your seeing. Seems to be very efficient

  35. whats the army composition for th9 ?

  36. what about an army comp explination for th9

  37. you can also add some hogs to help kill the defenses

  38. yeah but a boring one

  39. Super queen again… And my queen is lvl 6 still -_-

  40. Top stream again last night Big man. crystal is top atm for loot without doubt.

  41. What strategy do you use if your Queen is upgrading?

  42. Whoa when did you build disco towers?