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OneHive 2.0 VS 클랜 전쟁 WAR Recap | Clash of Clans

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  1. hey anyway to possibly setup an arranged war with you guys? my clan is 6 Schlitzes. we are a lev 9 clan, 179 wins. we r 100% fairplay and have setup matches with cold sept, north remembers and a few others. let me know. great video too man. yalls channel has really been on point last couple months!! keep it up

  2. The intro songs r the same as Galadon…just an advice before ppl who're huge Galadon fans find out bout this and start hatin change ur intro plz..i really dont like to see someone being hated for small stuff like these..just an advice take it or leave it ur choice bro :)

  3. Are you going to recap the CW war? I heard it was very cool

  4. +Onehive Labs what do you use to record ?

  5. Awesome Recap man! Loved it. Also, to join OneHive 2.0, do you've to start with OneHive Swarm first?

  6. Love your recaps so detailed and learning many things 🙂 Prefer them over Jake's by a lot, with no offense to him.

    Edit: not sure how to explain but when watching him I feel like i'm looking at attacks, but watching your recap feels like i'm learning attacks:p
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Hey since youve decided to use face-cam, could you at least put it at a decent angle. The angle atm is really annoying and is really hard to focus on the gameplay. Thanks