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OneHive 2.0 VS Clantanemo Bay WAR Recap (Update reactions) | Clash of Clans

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  1. There's plenty of of people in the clash community that in one week could fix this game to where it needs to be. If they would just listen to our ideas that would be great. I just dont understand it. They have to know this isnt what we want or need. Man i hope they get it together

  2. Finally, someone points out the obvious! Nerf healer HP, end of problem lol. I'm ok with red bombs doing like 2x damage let's say, but SAMs and air skeles don't trip. Between all the traps and cannons it's too much.

  3. Great vid man 🙂 Hey hoe do u play on a pac btw?? Or are you using an android device with a mouse plugged in?

  4. Dude ur making so easy to 3 star a th9, i don't agree tbh. In arranged wars u can find very good bases which u can't in any way 3 star in the first attack.

  5. 'I truly believe the monkey ,who deciced that this was the way of balance, did it with good intentions.'
    Earned the sub??

  6. I hit 100 subs u guys!!

  7. If healers die in 2 hit from the AA, HGHB would be so much harder since AA Will Always hit them if the Giants are on the AA :(

  8. voice audio is soft but outro loud af lol. Fix dat pls!! nearly woke up my entire house