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OneHive 2.0 VS Cold September WAR Recap | Clash of Clans

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  1. Nice videos as always! Congrats on the promotion.

  2. I love that you show TH9 attacks first and then higher level attacks, unlike another Onehive youtuber. It's nicer this way, thanks.

  3. do you have a patreon?

    id made a large donation for you not to say tree stars anymore.

  4. Great vid and agree with the feedback – we all learn the most out of our fails; plus its good for us mortals to be reassured sometimes the CoC Gods aren't perfect ;p Cheers Wiser

  5. nice video

  6. nive as always 🙂 ps show some more bases you re struggelt with, thats very interresting and you can learn so much

  7. Very fun war thanks to OH2.0 for a great time

  8. First B: