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OneHive 2.0 VS Storm Factory WAR Recap | Clash of Clans

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  1. Hey, Reacher from Storm Factory here. Just wanted to give you guys a shout out as being a great opponent! Thanks so much for your props to us as well, we appreciate it. Just so you know, we took this war ridiculously seriously haha, the amount of planning, communication, new base fabrication, and strategic plotting was enormous. Kudos to our war generals and the execution of the clan itself. They're the best!

    Great recap video. Been watching OneHive Family videos since the beginning, you guys enable a lot of people to grow into elite clans by teaching us how to play. The original masters!!! 😀 Much respect.

  2. Thanks for the props Wiser. It was I who fresh tripled your base. Starred at it for an hour though :)

  3. were just warring against them. thanks for the video – some didn't changed their bases… lol