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OneHive 2.0 VS The Lost WAR Recap | Clash of Clans

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  1. I saw Mark's attack live on stream… it was so close to holding. Lol .. You guys were at a TH disadvantage though.

  2. Saw this clan before.. The black lodge beat it 104-90 but you know what they are… very close 2.0 :(

  3. Are you gonna recap the ExclusiveWorld war? Maybe do attacks from both sides? Thanks man!

  4. You wanted to show marks almost fail against your base but why didn't you wanted to show your guys fail on a base with a hole…? ?☕️

  5. Unfortunately even if we cleared the 10s we would have lost cause they had 3 more total percent on our 11s than we had

  6. That's monster Dface clan. Tough war. nice video

  7. I was watching this live the last few hours on Monsterdface's live stream. what was frustrating for me was the lack of planning and the hefty dose of luck some of these guys had hitting 10s and 11s. the plans weren't good at all and he was using basically the same army to spam at bases and somehow it worked. I watched in disbelief.