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OneHive Family Scrimmage, OH Black Attacks

The OneHive family has a scrim, here are the attacks I selected from our side, which had to all be air attacks! Hope you guys enjoy and tune in for the other …


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  1. Jake i want in you clan im max th 9

  2. Why you never mention 2.0, did you guys took parts? Love your vids keep it up!

  3. I've seen mass Minion attacks before. One was on Clash With Ash's channel. I definitely believe that it can be done without modding.

  4. Hogs are king at th9 ???

  5. الحمد لله إذا تشوف كلامي هجوم جبار … XD

  6. Guess maybe this was a cleanup, bro really?

  7. not wanna hate but rahis attack is a perfect example at what state this game is, at least at th9. so much goes wrong, he wastes a dragon for a funnel (20 troop space), 2 wb failes, useless jump, healers die very quick….. but still 3 star.. just wow.. this and death of farming are the reasons for my quitting. today was the last day of a 2 year trip and I enjoyed it, but sc fucked it up..

  8. One team uses only elixir spells. The other side uses only dark spells.

  9. Garske, u mad bruhh 0.o

  10. wooow ? 3 swag rage…. 53 minions….
    one of the crasiest videos ever?

  11. Woooooooooooooooooooooالحمدلله?nice attack

  12. Has any one seen th11 hogs, with GWs abilities the hogs can survive ITs and big bombs if timed out properly

  13. how can queen healer taking out 2/3 of a base, again, be the craziest attack you've ever seen in your life? its just queeler, queeler, queeler, and the minion horde just kind of demonstrates that the attacks are literally just queeler and not particularly troop related? or am I missing something?

  14. You should do a rematch but this time black does ground and yellow does air. Like if u would like to see that!

  15. one of my ex clanmates 3 starred a max th9 with ALL MINIONS AND RAGES…. that was insane….. it was a compact and symmetrical base…

  16. putting jake on the air attacking side, hmm maybe someone in management is mad at jake

  17. Garske is my spirit animal haha

  18. no 326 love it

  19. So, to get a win OH had to do a scrim, lol.

  20. That mass minion attack was insane!

  21. C&C Q: Don't you think you should do a clan war tournament with a few members from the OneHive family?

  22. C&C question: Th10 and Th11 is a 2 star game. So can I know why people even go 10 and 11? You get 2 stars with gowipers, what's the point of 2 starring? I dint see going to th10 until it is balanced like the old th9!

  23. Jake – the story behind the lightning was snip alumni said I could only bring four spells and one had to be a swag lightning. It was clean up and red air bombs were all in the wizard tower farm.

  24. Good scrim jake, almost had the 3 on you!

  25. Fifth

  26. is Jake uploading an hour earlier than usual? I used to get notifications at 7 am, now they're at 6 am?

  27. notification squad! 8)

  28. notification binja!