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OneHive Family Scrimmage OH Black

Check out the attacks from the Black side of the family scrim. Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to tune in tomorrow for the other half of the attacks. Check out my …


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  1. Loved watching this on twitch. Great war

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    3. I'll sub back

  3. hi jake! im eren from the philippines. my inquiry is not related to your video but i just need help from you. may i ask in what order you upgraded your troops and defense since you TH10? i am max TH9 for a long time now and im planning upgrade my TH soon. thank you in advance! more power! sorry for my english :)

  4. GoBoLoDrogo™

  5. he guys gj we wanna make aw with oh if he ready we r fairplay clan and perfect attacker so wish u tell me how we can contact?:)

  6. so the current onehive family is onehive and prime right?

  7. We tried to do a inter family scrimmage with our family with the clans Aureus Planeta, Aureus Luna, Aureus GALAXIA, Aureus Stella, was gonna be a 30v30 war cause its couldn't attend but we missed the match because come people report inaccurate weights as they didn't war back to back and had some older weights that were different. But we're gonna get the hype going again and try to match sometime later on

  8. Only 1 th10 and 1 th11 triple?

  9. awesome

  10. Hey jake…

  11. tbh dragon attacks are spam attacks too since 80%+ of troop space us drags

  12. The reason i skip your twn hall9 attacks now is cause all ppl seem to use is bowlers in the cc now. We dont have a twn hall10 in our clan so pointless. Always get disappointed when i see the bowlers. :-(

  13. Rip me :p

  14. happy 4th everyone!

  15. great attacks???

  16. Khal's attack was done by one of our friends a few weeks ago. He used 5 minions instead of the baby drag though.

  17. fifth

  18. fourth

  19. Third

  20. First!