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OneHive Family Scrimmage OH Yellow

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  1. and also in the first attack i think the tesla didnt come up coz miners aren't meant to trigger traps

  2. Can i join ur clan? im a th9 non rushed lvl 10 heroes valks 3 hogs in progress of upgrading once upgraded valks 4 gols 2 lava hound 2 loons 6 max spells for th9 except lighting dark spells th8 lvled i will send invite and u can take a look or just let me know here

  3. Love the OPness of the last attack. OP'ness? OPenis? Huh?

  4. Awesome vid. Lots of th10 attacks for me, been skipping th9 attacks lately.

  5. how does someone get into one hive

  6. channel is not fun anymore I just forward to th9 attacks

  7. its too bad that giants and golems dont start with the same letter and you cant still call the healer golem hog bowler attack hghb =P

  8. 4:30 miners were underground when they slipped past tesla, but it retrigged again because all untriggered teslas trigger when percentage hits 50%

  9. i think it is safe to say there is nothing like close call in a hghb attack ..

  10. How did you guys do that?

  11. another good video buddy! Thanks again for your support way back when i was just starting out on youtube. Glad to see that you're keeping your spirits high!

    keep the kim-chi away at all costs :)

  12. That last attack was mad,those bowlers really made that goho OP,I got some ideas now

  13. openis ????

  14. Jake sad Penis haha (OPness) awesome recap jake, great attacks

  15. Let's Gooooooooo

  16. Sloffels with the GoBoHoDrogo™….nice!!!

  17. Dax with the GoBoLoDrogo™….nice!!!

  18. Last attack name should be GoBoHo


  20. "OPness" haha. say that 3 times quickly

  21. fam

  22. Who uses a golem in a mass bowler attack? LOL

  23. where did those dislikes come from?

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  25. How do you arrange clanwars?

  26. I was waiting for this video since yesterday ??

  27. ????????

  28. Oi oi oi! :D