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OneHive Family Scrimmage Part 1

We have a good old fashioned family scrim and the outcome was an epic war! Hope you enjoy the first half of the 3 star attacks! Check out my Patreon page and …


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  1. I tried those mass valk attacks, you have to have alot of wizards to keep cleaning up trash as the valks move through the base otherwise they split and all die beating on separate walls.ο»Ώ

  2. Join my Clash Royale clan: Zerg Rush #8vj9vgk. We are a up and coming fun and competitive clan! We are excatly what you're looking for!ο»Ώ

  3. Wtf Jake, who drinks water? #GetSomeBeerο»Ώ

  4. There is hope for this game after all. To TH10 or not to TH10, that is the question.ο»Ώ

  5. Doing scrims because you are afraid of losing again? lolο»Ώ

  6. great video I loved the mass Valk attackο»Ώ

  7. I saw snip alumni in whf on PBS stream did he hop to there clan or is there 2???ο»Ώ

  8. Nederlandse 3 ster aanvallers gezocht. TheLuchaDragons is een Nederlandse warclan die altijd tot het uiterste gaat. Ben jij een Nederlander die graag veel clanwar wil spelen en zich wil ontplooien….Join dan: TheLuchaDragons;)ο»Ώ

  9. MOOOOOOOOO rob! Kind of sad but also nice to see some familiar names from KARA rising!ο»Ώ

  10. Hey guys!Im currently looking for a FP War Clan , that goes up against Anti 3 star bases.

    My Stats:
    530+ War Stars
    15/15 Heroes
    61/62 War Weight

    Thank you for listen πŸ™‚ Have a brilliant day.ο»Ώ

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    What did you expect me to say? That you're a rebel and I like you? No thanks, I'd rather give you this. Enjoy it while it's rare. Soon this will be copied and pasted all over youtube too…ο»Ώ

  12. Is it me only or do the lvl 7 ads have different visuals?ο»Ώ

  13. what seems to be the best town hall 8 attack now? hog 4 seems to fizzle since the update. zap quake seems the most reliable to us… your thoughts?ο»Ώ

  14. That last mass valk attack seemed long but it was just a little over 2 minutes! Super fast actually :Dο»Ώ

  15. I'm a th10 in 4 days when should i drop my infernos?ο»Ώ

  16. lol the last attack only took 2 minutes, a whole minute leftο»Ώ

  17. Hi jake plz replyο»Ώ

  18. Cool, keep it up!ο»Ώ

  19. Jake I'm noticing a audio/video delay in the most recent videos you've been making. The audio is before the video.ο»Ώ

  20. Earlyο»Ώ

  21. pretty weak war from both sides thoughο»Ώ

  22. ……….ο»Ώ

  23. 2nd lolο»Ώ