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OneHive Family Scrimmage Part 2

The other side of the family scrim attacks for your viewing pleasure. Hope you guys enjoy the 3 star action. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. Lol Jake I have the exact opposite problem…I fancy myself pretty good with balloons but I can't surgical to save my life XD I deploy hogs on 5 defenses and realize somehow I'm already out of hogs hehe … spam spam spam

  2. Is that Brady that was in cams clan and failed an attack

  3. Cool

  4. Mrs. Jake- Enjoyed your podcast with Rigoletto, cheers guys!

  5. @cheetum with the new fill-space-base

  6. although most people think this update is great, personally i dont like it, now the gap between the good and the great th10 attackers is very small when it used to make all the difference. its a shame, although im sure 99% of people disagree and i can understand why looking at it from their perspective, mabye th11 will be the new place for the best of the best fp, or hopefully sc can tweak th10 a bit?

  7. Cool Jake:) can u do a vid on what people think of the last UPDATE? I've Done one on Norwegian players thoughts.. Regards MethoDize

  8. sup jake

  9. Jake can you post a link to your twitch please thnx man

  10. Great vid, great attacks! Keep it up :)