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OneHive Invicta VS Crystal WAR Recap | Clash of Clans

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  1. Still waiting anxiously for CW

  2. Just want to point it out, TH10 cleaning up a TH9 is wayyyyyyyy easier than a TH11 hitting a TH10. When you hit a TH9 you can use a 2 golem kill squad followed by like… any unit comp you want, and it's a guaranteed 3 star.

    TH11 aiming down… yes the GW with max witches is very strong, but it isn't quite an automatic 3 star. Though on very open bases, it's pretty close.

  3. Its coming soon, Was a great war.

  4. Thought this was crystal warrior recap. Can't wait to see how you guys did.

  5. nice vid

  6. nice??