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OneHive Invicta VS Recovereds WAR Recap | Clash of Clans

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  1. Recovereds! ?????

  2. Are you gonna make a war recap of the war against CW or did all the replays get wiped before you could get there?

  3. Recovereds ?? bela guerra

  4. 10 vs 9 needs some strategy, but is easy to pull off almost every single time. 11 vs 10 is zero strategy, works maybe 70% of the time.

  5. juicy boy ?

  6. Haha nice vid… I just wanted to say that I done an attack approx 10mins ago, on a max defense th9, where I forgot to bring my aq, and my bk was upgrading! Anyway it was a straight up double jump govaho, and I somehow three starred the base in 2mins 9seconds!!!!!!! So I wanna post this vid on yt, is there any apps you know of that I can screen record? I don't have any equipment and I play on an iPad, thank you, and keep up the good work!!!!!

  7. Hi, thanks for show war and thanks for recognizing our good job! Congratulations for recovereds and invicta! Amazing war!

  8. Recovereds ???

  9. huhuuu viva recovereds ?,, foi uma bela guerra, parabens, otimo canal

  10. Nice recap as always Wiser! Keep up the great content. You are a nice source of inspiration for non elite war clans who want to develop 3 star skills!

  11. Agora sim !!!!